Rebel: Tiny Bait—Huge Offerings

This new bait is small, but produces big fun for all ages.

You know the Rebel Wee Crawfish. A stream box mainstay, this little craw-shaped crank has been yielding everything from trout to panfish to bass for decades. And you’ve most likely met the Wee Crawfish’s little brother, the Teeny Wee Crawfish.

Enter the Rebel Micro Craw. Introduced this year, this extra tiny craw imitator looks and acts like the Wee and Teeny Wee versions, and its shallow wobble offers the same “catch everything” appeal. Sometimes miniscule versions of traditional baits look good in the package but don’t perform once you get them wet. The Micro Craw went through a long field-testing process, and swims and catches fish just like other Rebel Crawfish.

Beyond being the smallest of the craws, which adds appeal for targeting panfish and trout, the Micro Craw comes equipped with a single barbless hook, instead of twin trebles. The primary impetus for the single/barbless set-up was to make a bait that was safer and more child friendly, with no nasty little trebles bouncing around with a flopping fish. Being a cast-and-crank lure that attracts many species, the Micro Craw makes an ideal lure for youngsters because of the safer hook.

Values of the single barbless hook don’t end with children and safety, though. Many of the finest trout waters in quite a few states are governed by single hook (and in some cases, single/barbless hook) requirements. I’ve long traded the trebles on Teeny Wee Crawfish for a single hook on the back split ring so I could fish those waters with some of my favorite trout lures. Therefore, an even smaller craw that comes from the package ready to fish in all those special-regs trout waters has a giant appeal.

The Rebel Micro Craw is slightly less than 1.5 inches long and is best suited for ultralight gear and 4-pound test. It runs shallow (3 feet or less), wobbles widely and kicks off cover nicely. It comes in three crawfish color patterns.

One final note thing worth noting: The Rebel Micro Craw is part of a four-bait release that also includes the Rebel Micro Minnow, a Micro Hopper and Micro Popper. All stem from Rebel classics and sport the same single barbless hook.

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