Review: Pflueger Supreme MG

If you’re looking for something for your Christmas wish list, here’s a great spinning reel for under $100.

I’ve always advised other folks—and follow the advice myself—to buy the best you can afford. That goes for fishing gear, hand tools, cooking equipment, you name it. Good-quality gear generally lasts longer, performs better, causes fewer headaches, and is typically less expensive in the long run.

Now, the trick is to always remember that a high-quality piece of equipment doesn’t automatically carry the biggest price tag.

Take Pflueger’s Supreme MG spinning reel. I’ve had a size 30 version in my arsenal for some time, and can attest to its fine performance, reliability and durability. Outstanding features:

  • Lightweight: The magnesium body and rotor are light, but tough. The 30 weighs 7.5 ounces and the size 40 just a couple of ounces more.
  • Braid Ready Spool: Rubber inserts keep braided line locked tight so it doesn’t slip.
  • Line Capacity: The 30 is rated for 145 yards of 6-pound mono; 190 yards of 8-pound braid.
  • Audible Bail: The solid aluminum bail wire provides an audible click that lets me hear and feel when the bail is open and ready to cast.
  • Four Sizes: The series covers ultra-light panfish and trout, up to bass, walleyes and pike.
  • Price Tag: $99.95. No need to say more.

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