Lightest Power Auger—Vexilar K-Drill

The right auger will make you more efficient, which means more fish!

I can’t think of a piece of equipment that has more significantly changed my ice fishing than the electric Vexilar K-Drill auger system. In the very least, it’s upped my game in the same way that the first lightweight portable shelters did.

Designed specifically for use with the high-torque/RPM brushless motor 1/2-inch Milwaukee M-18 FUEL cordless drill, the K-Drill, is fast, powerful and always starts.

While it’s dependable, fast and powerful, the biggest difference between the K-Drill and other augers on the market is weight. Try under 10 pounds.

Now, to someone who typically drills between 20 and 200 holes on an outing, that’s a big deal! Because of the negligible weight, I found it a lot easier to venture out even in minus double-digit temps to probe new waters. And again, it always started. No spilled gas, no messing with propane canisters …

Not only that, my back, shoulders and arms thanked me at the end of each day. I suffered none of the muscle fatigue standard with dragging around a gas-powered auger.

Cutting speed is approximately 1-inch per second, and each battery will cut roughly 20 holes in 24 inches of ice; less through thicker ice, more on skinnier ice. The solution for drilling more holes, of course, is to keep a couple batteries in rotation—one in the drill, one in a charger. As soon as I drained one battery I’d throw the battery in the charger connected to an inverter in my truck. A buddy runs a similar system on his ATV. And since they’re lithium, they charge quickly. I had no issues running only two batteries in rotation.

The Vexilar K-Drill Combo Pack comes complete with the drill, auger, charger, two batteries and hard-sided drill carrying case and is available in a 6- and 8-inch models. Each features high carbon steel chipper blades, composite flutes that reduce ice shavings, and an integrated float system to prevent sinking down the hole.

While they’re not inexpensive, it’s a double-duty investment. As soon as I was done ice fishing last year the included 1/2-inch Milwaukee M-18 Fuel cordless drill went into immediate rotation on various construction projects. That simple fact made it pretty easy to justify the expense to my better half.

Retail: 8-inch Combo Pack: $549.99; 6-inch Combo Pack: $499.99; 12-inch extension: $29.99.

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