Volt Insulated Heated Nylon Vest

This vest offers cold-weather anglers ultimate warmth—minus the bulk.

Anglers who follow their passion through the cold season know that dressing in layers—a breathable base layer, followed by an insulation layer, covered by a weatherproof layer—is the best way to avoid becoming a walking icicle. But when the temps really bottom out, that insulation layer (or layers) can get pretty thick, hampering your ability to cast or even sit down to reload the furnace with a frosty sandwich and lukewarm coffee.

Technology comes to the rescue again. Volt’s Cracow Insulated Heated Vest swaps power for bulk. The thin, lightweight nylon shell contains 80 grams of high-retention insulation, plus a built-in 4 panel heating system powered by a 3.7-volt lithium battery.

The angler sets the tiny microprocessor to one of 4 heat levels to keep the body core at a comfortable temperature. This vest is a wise investment for anybody who fishes in the sleet, snow or through the ice.

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