Holiday Tradition = Holiday Fishing

There’s a lot of time commitments around the holidays, but the author makes water time a priority!

‘Tis the season for traditions, from the annoying “We really have to do this again?” to the, “I can’t wait to continue our tradition of…” We’re full of traditions whether we think we are or not. In light of our holiday spirit, I want to venture into one of my favorite traditions—fishing.

Traditions run in every direction, some of us throw money into the big ol’ blue and pray to fish gods for a bountiful trip. Some of us are die-hard about keeping bananas clear of our boats, while others have a hat or shirt that they traditionally wear for good luck. Some bring a particular snack or beverage; some visit a particular honey hole or make a specific trip each year. Traditions or superstitions, this is a great time to put them into affect!

One of my classic traditions was brought to my attention after my second trip to the 10,000 Islands, in Florida with my dad. These little ‘Sweet Sixteen’ powdered donuts seemed to lay our foundation for this trip. It wasn’t the prep work the prior week, but the $5 bag of little donuts I knew I would be sharing with my dad.

This little tradition started to unfold into all of our early morning trips and whether my dad just enjoyed treating himself on fishing days or he actually couldn’t functions without them still remains a mystery.

These are the moments when our little-no-nothings turn into life-long-somethings.

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