YUM Swim N Dinger

By keeping things simple, the author knows he can catch more fish than he might otherwise.

I’m a simple guy and I like simple things, so it’s not surprising that one of my favorite bass tactics involves a weightless, Texas-rigged stick worm. Versatile, adaptable, I can pitch the rig into a laydown, skip it under a dock or slide it all snaky-like across vegetation.

It’s a streamlined profile that seems to charm the fish with its subtlety. Only drawback is that sometimes, I want a bait that has more motion—maybe it’s schooling fish chasing shad, or a prespawn deal when I want to get the attention of one of those big mamas.

Well, Yum solved this dilemma with its new 4- and 5-inch Swim ‘N Dinger—essentially its classic stick bait with more junk in the trunk. This new paddle tail backside gives a new wiggle to a proven bass-catching shape, so I say “Well done Yum.”

I can still pitch this bait into cover, still skip it under a dock and when it runs across that vegetation, there’s more displacement and commotion to draw the ire of whatever lurks below.

Great part about this bait is that if you suddenly find yourself needing to switch back to a subtle profile, just snip off the tail and voila—back to the simple stick worm.

Simplicity with options; I like that.

Look for it in 2015!

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