Giant Winter Brown Trout From A ‘Yak

Watch this hardcore angler land a giant brown trout from the edge of his Hobie Kayak on Lake Michigan—during winter!

To most, fishing is a way to relax. The rare opportunity to sit back in the shade, wet a line and snooze the afternoon away. Then there are the other types. Those that have taken it far past dedication and morphed their undying desire to fish into what most consider an obsession.

Nick Doumel, A.K.A. Brookfield Angler, takes winter fishing to the extreme and the results are impressive.

Let’s see, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 21-degree air temp, snow and sleet, Lake Michigan, 20-pound brown trout and a kayak—sound extreme?!

This guy is the real deal and the video of him catching a giant trout on the bay with the Biovex Deep Runner crankbait sets a new standard for dedicated fisherman!

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