Curing The Post Thanksgiving Fishing Blues

Just because the season is over doesn’t mean it has to end.

“I feel like a dragon slayer with no dragons left to slay” I say to my wife while I peer over my coffee cup and glare at the frozen tundra. I have reasons to feel grumpy: Safe ice isn’t here yet; open water is a state or two south of me; hunting seasons winding down, etc. “You get this way every year.” She casually replies; “Go out in the garage and play with your fishing stuff, that usually makes you feel better.”

She’s right. She’s always right!

So I switch my focus to organizing (playing with) my tackle. Lately I’ve become addicted to soft baits like grubs, shad, chubs, ribworms, lizards and all sorts of other creepy crawlers. It’s no surprise when I start feeling better by visually “taking inventory” and realizing that I have to re-stock numerous colors of Twitchtail Minnows, Rippleshads and Ribworms.

Next, I find satisfaction by getting tackle boxes and containers ready for the new designs and color schemes Berkley will introduce in PowerBait, such as the new Ripple Shad colors, and Gulp! shapes this season like the Gulp! Alive! Doubletail Minnow Grub.

Then I really get fired-up and get busy by designing and making my own smorgasbord of baits with the products Do-It Industries is offering in its relatively new line of Soft Baits. There aren't many things more satisfying than catching fish on something you created, but that's only one reason—crafting your own soft baits is both exciting and fulfilling.

You can recreate discontinued colors. You can create your own color combinations. You can avoid those mad dashes around town in search of specific baits that you typically never find when you want them. You can also create a stockpile of various colors, sizes and body styles, saving some coin in the process.

Getting started in “shooting” your own soft baits is easy and takes a few basic materials and equipment

Do-It has also introduced a more affordable line of Plastisol and molds called the Essential Series.

Once you’ve acquired the basic equipment, creating the baits becomes a fun and exciting hobby, shown here in this video.

Want to beat the Post Thanksgiving Fishing Blues? Count it; Organize it; Order it; “Shoot-it” Do-It! I’m feeling much better now.

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