Walking Bait Tips From The Spook Master

If any lure qualifies as a true “classic,” it’s the Heddon Zara Spook.

Lures made for the “walk-the-dog” style of presentation are many today, but you’d be hard pressed to find a pro bass fisherman today who doesn’t have one hiding somewhere in his tackle arsenal.

Learning to “walk the dog” is one of bass fishing’s rites of passage. A bass fisherman unable to coax a convincing sashay out of a Zara Spook holds his tool set incomplete. He fears discovery and dreads a day when he’s edged out of tournament winnings by a Spook-caught kicker fish.

Last fall I met with Charlie Campbell, the Ozark bass angler whose legend is linked inextricably to the Heddon Zara Spook, on Table Rock Lake.

His Spook arsenal was a mix of Spooks old and new—more old than new! He recalled all the modification(s) that defined each generation of the bait, and, of course, he knew precisely what features accounted for top performance.

Before our day had ended, he had pulled out a box of Spooks intended for nothing more than drawing strikes for the camera.

If you don’t have a Zara Spook in your tackle box, coax a friend or family member to drop one into your Christmas stocking.

Learn to use it, and use it well, or, as Shakespeare would say, “count your manhood cheap!”

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