Clam Emergency Throw Rope

If you are a diehard ice fisherman, you NEED this product. No questions asked!

Most items we talk about are designed to help us catch bigger fish at a faster pace. The Emergency Throw Bag by Clam is designed to make sure we come home at night.

Just as it sounds, the rope bag contains 50 feet of line that is designed to be thrown to a person in distress. A clip and short strap is attached to the bag, which allows it to be easily attached and removed from a snowmobile, ATV, or even in your boat during the soft-water season.

The large loop outside the bag is meant to be held in your hand while the bag is tossed. A small cinch cord needs to be opened up before being thrown in order for the rope to deploy properly.

In the boat, I’ve found it beneficial to add an inexpensive carabineer in order to attach it to a throw-cushion. In many states you are required to have a throw cushion with 50 feet of line, and with this system you are legal.

The biggest part to having an item like Clam’s Emergency Throw Rope is keeping it readily available. If it’s buried in a bucket or in the bottom of a large boat compartment it could cost you the few seconds needed to help.

MSRP $24.99

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Capt. Ross Robertson

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