Fish Of Legend: Giant Alligator Gar

Like big fish? These giants will get your blood boiling!

I’m a big fan of freshwater giants like giant diamond-backed sturgeon, paddlefish, blue cats and flatheads.

But these beasts really get me excited. Could be the two rows of razor dentistry, their ability to breathe air, their tough-as-steel 50-cent piece-sized scales or legends of the sinister-looking fish devouring fishermen

Plus, these brutes can exceed the 300-pound mark, like the 10-plus-footer in the photo above. And fish nearing this size are being stuck by anglers and bowfishermen every year. Just check out this giant Lone Star ‘gator gar.

Or this 8-foot, 10-inch, 327-pound specimen from Broken Bow Lake, Oklamoma.

No one knows big alligator gar better than the Gar Guys, Sam Lovell and Steve Barclay, who recently put John Paul Morris, son of Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris, on this. massive creature.

Got gar envy? Book your own trip and come home with a fish story that’s sure to trump anything your buddies jaw-jack at your next card game! And it you really want to go extreme, they offer alligator hunts, too.

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