10 Signs That You’re A Tackle Junkie

While it’s not really a bad thing, having too much tackle is a serious situation requiring … more tackle.

Hi my name is Tommy Skarlis and I am addicted to fishing tackle. Crankbaits, softbaits, spinners, blades, spoons, hooks, planer boards—doesn't matter the category, I just can't seem to get enough.

I collect, store, hoard, organize and dream of fishing all of the lures that I buy, and it all helps to ease the pain, but I continue to acquire more and more tackle, and I continue to WANT. As you read more from me, you might realize that one of the reasons I chose to write this blog is that it may just "quench my hunger" for MORE BAITS!

You may realize that you, too, are addicted to fishing tackle and admitting it is the first step to, not recovery, but dealing with the madness!

Here’s my Top 10:

  1. You have never stopped at a tackle store without buying “something”.
  2. You have a mental list of “hard-to-find” and discontinued lures that you must look for at each and every tackle store that you come within 30 miles of—wait, make that 50.
  3. You vehemently deny that you will never be able to fish ten percent of the lures you currently own. (even if the definition of “fish” is a one time cast, five feet in length).
  4. You finally understood what all the hype about “Black Friday” was the day you discovered “Black Friday” flyers from numerous sporting goods stores.
  5. You buy Plano 3700 series tackle boxes whenever they are on sale.
  6. The tackle boxes you buy on sale are filled before the credit card statement they are charged on arrives in the mail.
  7. “Take ‘em down” or “Buy ‘em all” are terms used in conjunction with relieving a retail peg or eBay listing of all 11 identical “hot lures”.
  8. You can quickly and confidently identify the three generations of Rapala’s Fire Tiger as FT-1 FT-2 and FT-3.
  9. You have actually researched what a ticket to Poland would cost—just to buy Salmos that are not available on the American retail market.
  10. You are contemplating a “last will and testament” for all of your fishing tackle that specifically details which of your ”buddies” will receive what certain tackle items. Go ahead—it’s okay to admit it—you’re addicted to fishing tackle.

Look at the bright side; you probably don’t have any money left to buy “bad stuff” with. But you do have time to “organize and test” all of those items that are necessary in life!

Buy on…

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