Topwater Fishing: Proper Rod Selection

The right rod for each technique is essential. Here’s my topwater rod of choice!

For many anglers there is nothing more enjoyable than watching a big bass come flying out of the water to eat a bait. Two of my favorite topwater presentations for bass that are feeding on shad or minnows include a popper and a walk-the-dog style plug, like a Zara Spook.

Using the proper rod when fishing these baits will help you accomplish several things. The first is to impart the needed action, and the second is for a solid hookset.

My favorite topwater rod is the Wright & McGill Tessera Series Jerkbait/Topwater rod. It’s 6 feet, 8 inches in length, which allows me to perform the proper rod sweeps to produce a good attention-grabbing splash. It’s short enough where I can make a downward sweep to make my Spook walk-the-dog with ease.

It has a soft tip and good bend in the backbone, which will give when the bass hits and when it makes a surge to deep water, this keep the hooks from pulling free.

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