Waterproof Terminal Tackle Storage

The right storage containers for your terminal tackle will make it last longer and help you make quicker decisions on the water.

The long Midwest winter now looms on the horizon and for many anglers, including myself there is nothing better to do than clean through, sort, pillage, organize, your tackle.

One of the most important items in a bass fisherman’s tackle box is his/her terminal tackle components, such as hooks, sinkers and swivels. These items are used countless times and need to be neatly organized, so an angler can quickly find them. These items also need to be protected from the elements, as they are prone to rusting.

This is why I use the small Plano 3500 and 3640 Waterproof Stowaways, their small compartments allow me to neatly organize the small terminal tackle components and the waterproof seal combined with the cam locking latches keep all my gear dry and protected.

For an inside look at how I organize my small terminal tackle items and keep them protected from the elements, check out this video:

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