Duct Tape Boat

The do-it-yourself in all of us will appreciate this kind of innovation!

There’s a little “Do-It-Yourselfer” in every angler. From customizing cranks, molding jig heads, to pimping out a jon boat, it just comes with the territory … especially when the end result can save you a few bucks.

Like Canadian Red Green’s DIY boat built from household items … the insane project had me practically wetting myself. Just remove your home heating ducts, add plenty of the silver sticky stuff, your favorite recliner and a few manly dust collectors. Just be careful putting that horsepower between your legs.

Here’s another one. Modern cooler technology spawned Green’s other wacky DIY boat design. Called the “Canooler” it not only floats, it’ll hold plenty of your favorite barley pops, too!

Funny stuff! Make sure to share with your fishing buddies.

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