The Boo Flex Rig Flat Catches ‘Em

If you love your balsa crankbaits but wish you could put them to more effective use, we’ve got the tip for you!

Like a lot of bass anglers, I’ve had a love-hate affair with my flat-sided balsa baits. I love their action and fish appeal, but I hate trying to cast them with my favorite crankin’ gear.

Casting these feather-like balsa baits, which often weigh no more than 3/16 ounces, can be an exercise in frustration with baitcasting gear and a stiff wind in your face.

The other limiting factor with these lures is that they are designed to run only several feet beneath the surface. That’s fine when bass are in the shallows or willing to climb the water column in open water. But wouldn’t it be great to get that same fish-attracting action to bass in mid- to deep-water patterns?

You can.

Last December, Jimmy Mason demonstrated some of the virtues of the Booyah Boo Flex Rig, a rig that combines a fishlike jighead with a trailing wire leader to which you can add almost any lure.

Mason snaps a flat-sided crankbait to a Boo Rig for spring bass.

“I can cast these balsa lures on my crankbait tackle,” he explained. “I don’t have to change to spinning gear – even if I am casting into a tough wind.”

The added weight of the rig, which is available in 1/4-, 3/8-, and 1/2-ounce sizes, not only adds casting distance but allows him to work these temperamental baits considerably deeper.

“I can get my lure into the fish zone,” said Mason. “And keep it there!”

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