Kage Gaff

The Kage Gaff is a tool that every blue-water kayak angler needs to have tethered to their ‘yak.

Also known as a Hawaiian spear gaff, the kage gaff has become an extremely popular tool for offshore kayak fisherman. Eric McDonald, the owner and operator of Deep Blue Kayak Fishing has perfected this thing.

Constructed with hardwood oak and coated with waterproofing epoxy, McDonald has prepared the gaff for the long road ahead. With a stainless steal threaded rod, robber handle and para cord for maximum grip—you’re sure to stick ’em with confidence.

Why a Kage gaff vs. a standard gaff? A standard boat gaff is perfect under the right situation, but the elements change once you venture into the big ol’ blue by kayak. There is less room for error—and unnecessary gear. Not only does the Kage gaff allow us to stick the fish in a manner that’s effective, but also safer when you throw in waves, wind and needed balance.

Check it out for yourself!

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