The Cold-Water Lipless Crankbait Formula

Lipless crankbaits cover water fast and find big fish during the cold winter months.

Alabama’s Lake Guntersville is the home water of Bassmaster Elite Series rookie Matt Lee and his younger brother Jason Lee. Amazingly, both brothers enjoyed stellar collegiate bass fishing careers at Auburn University. Championship performances qualified each brother for the Bassmaster Classic in back-to-back seasons.

Both credit their backyard water for helping them fashion their championship careers.

p>Guntersville is a sprawling reservoir with so much bassy-looking cover and structure available that visiting anglers—and even lake veterans—hardly know where to begin fishing, especially during the cold-water seasons of winter and early spring. To find fish fast, you need to cover water with a versatile bait that fish just can’t seem to resist.

Matt’s choice for “search” baits is a lipless crankbait. His favorite is the XCalibur Rattle Bait series in both One Knocker and standard Xr multi-bead rattle varieties. The “workhorse” of this bunch is the 2.5-inch, 5/8-ounce model sometimes identified as the Xr50.

“We have stretches on Guntersville where you’ll find 100 humps, and you need to figure out which ones are best,” explained Lee. “With a rattle bait, you can really cover a lot of water and pick that lake apart!”

Toledo Gold and Citrus Shad colors are his favorite colors.

Matt Lee: Find Cold Weather Bass with Lipless Crankbaits

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