Pflueger President Spinning Reel

Lightweight contender is an affordable, multi-species knockout.

Over the years, I’ve trolled, jigged and slung an assortment of baits on Pflueger reels, and they’ve yet to let me down. It’s no surprise, then, that the President Spinning Reel is such a standout. Revamped in 2012, the lightweight yet durable reel is a time-tested, high-performance machine perfect for a wide variety of multi-species duties.

As part of this redesign, Pflueger reduced the reel’s weight by up to 10 percent, depending on the model, while adding enhancements that boosted form, function and longevity.

I appreciate the lightness because the reel balances so well with a variety of spinning rods, and doesn’t wear my arm out during extended outings. There are five models in the President Spinning lineup, ranging from the pint-sized 6920—which weighs just 5.90 ounces and excels with 4-foot, 8-inch ultra-light rods and featherweight lines down to 2-pound test—up to the 10.90-ounce model 6940. The latter easily handles lines up to 12-pound test, and I’ve found performs well with medium-power rods up to seven feet in length.

While aluminum and magnesium may be hallmark building blocks of some high-end reels, the President Spinning Series yields affordable performance with a graphite body and rotor. I’ve never had one flex or break under pressure, even on powerful predators like bass and pike.

Durability and light weight aside, smooth operation is definitely one of my favorite features of the President Spinning lineup. Much of the credit goes to nine stainless steel bearings on the four larger models, and six on the 6920. Plus, all of the models have a one-way clutch bearing for unflinching instant anti-reverse, which helps fuel solid hooksets.

I also appreciate the large, solid-aluminum bail wire that doesn’t warp with extended use, and the over-sized, titanium-coated line roller. And let’s not forget the multi-disk drag system, which features stainless steel and oiled felt washers that keep their cool while smoothly battling big fish.

Another cool feature is the machined, ported, double-anodized aluminum spool, which is braid-ready thanks to rubber grommets that keep superline from spinning. As a result, you can stoke the reel with braid without first laying down mono backing.

Other amenities worth noting include the soft-touch, ergonomic knob that’s easy to grip, even when you’re fishing in wet weather or your reeling digits are delightfully lubed with fish slime. Speaking of retrieval, thanks to a 5.2:1 gear ratio, the reels swallow from 20.7 to 30.2 inches of line per turn of the handle.

Bottom line? Retailing at less than $60, these five Presidents are a steal compared to top-shelf models that can set you back $200 or more. You can also purchase them as combos, teamed with responsive IM-8 graphite rods. Whether you buy a President solo or as part of a package deal, I’m sure it will get your vote as an all-around performer for a variety of multi-species duties.

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