Handy Security Options

Keeping expensive boat accessories secured is no longer an issue without answer.

Now that Christmas is over and you made out like a bandit with some new fishing goodies, you’ll want to make sure those gifts are properly secured and protected. Here are two handy products that will protect your toys from theft.

Today’s fishing electronics are vital tools to an angler’s success on the water and contain valuable waypoints that have been acquired via countless hours on the water, so keeping these on your boat not only saves you money, but also time.

This is why I use the DuraSafe Gimbal Bracket Lock (UEL50) on all my units: It replaces one of the factory knobs on a depth finder and secures it to the bracket. This lock is a universal design that fits most GPS, fish finders and chartplotters. Multiple locks can be keyed the same if you choose to lock several units to your boat.

Whether you store your boat in your home garage, at your cabin or at another location such as a neighbors pole shed or family farm, knowing that there is a watchful eye on your rig gives you that warm, fuzzy, secure feeling.

By using a Moultrie TRACE Surveillance Camera, you can capture photos of anyone that comes near your rig. These photos can be sent wirelessly to you, if you chose, or they can be recorded to an SD card and reviewed if the need arises.

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