Tree Style Rod Holders

Even rod holders can affect how and when you catch fish.

When show season starts you tend to shake a lot of hands and converse with a very diverse crowd. After having four different groups of people question why I always have tree style rod holders on in the background of fish pictures, I figured it’s worth an explanation.

Rod holders can actually change the way your lures run. Lines that dip into the water before a planerboard can cause the board itself to dip, roll and even flip. This is turn causes the lure to surge, which, more often than not, is a bad deal. Rod trees keep the lines up and out of the water much better as well as keep lines from tangling. I typically run one in the top, bottom and use the vertical tube to drop lines back or hold a rod as I net a slob walleye at the back of the boat.

In some boats rod trees are very convenient because you can have three or four rods held on a very small platform. Boats that aren’t completely set up for fishing often don’t have a large flat gunnel or mounting area—the trees solve that problem.

I also like the Bert’s Swivel Trees because of their ability to swivel, a great feature when going down the road and even more so at the dock. A smaller Great Lakes profile boat like my Ranger 621 sit low enough at docks that the rod holders could crash into them if not for the swivel feature.

So yes guys, even rod holders can affect the way in which you catch fish!

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Capt. Ross Robertson

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