Review: Aftco Fishing Gloves

Hands take you to the fish and bring the fish to you, it’s best to protect your most valuable tools!

Quality, performance and functionality are things Aftco has always strived for. Unfortunately for me they only make mens apparel, but they do offer small sizes in their fishing gloves—and I use the heck out of mine. Gloves may seem over rated, but they fulfill many purposes—protection from the elements, fish and weather.

Some may think they only require gloves if they’re leadering fishing, which to a degree can be true, but I use mine in various situations. Choose gloves that fit vs. the giant orange sticky gloves we all own—those can be dangerous when maneuvering your around lines.

With the Aftco series, you can wear them all day without sacrificing comfort or functionality. Aftco offers six different styles that are differently designed for different applications.

I prefer the Aftco Short Pump, which are half-finger gloves that allow me the sensitivity to feel when tying knots, rigging baits or throw my baitcaster. I also fish with the Aftco Short Pump Long Range glove that’s designed with long-range and braided-line fisherman in mind.

All Aftco gloves have tacky-grip palms for added durability, finger vents to help drain water, Spandura backing keeps your hands protected and cool, along with the foam-mesh back, all secured with a velcro strap.

Whether you’re in stand-up gear chasing tuna, kayaking for sailfish or just need something to protecting your hands from the weather in bass fishing, you’ll find an Aftco glove for every need.

Here’s a FINE example of why a good pair of gloves will save your hands!

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