The Right Fishing Accommodations

Fishing is fishing and weather is weather, but having the right accommodations on your next fishing adventure can make or break your experience.

As a Florida native—or as I prefer to call myself—Fishing Capital Native, you might think I’ve seen it all; the beach is the beach; the swamp is the swamp; mangroves are just a bush and nobody can drive. Fortunately that’s false. This is a huge state with so many nooks and crannies surrounded by history, not to mention the fishing changes every ten-miles. I’m an East-Coast gal with a lot to show for it, while Florida’s West Coast it’s an entirely new world to me.

Recently, I journeyed over to our friends Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel. I’ve done this in the past, but I hadn’t actually ever been to Captiva Island. There’s a special feeling when saying, “island”, meaning I want to jump out of your skin with excitement.

I live in Florida—surrounded by water—and the thought of spending time on an island will always excite me. It might be the elegance of laziness, flip flops, sunsets and adult beverages in sandy koozies, all smashed into five-star accommodations. The Royal Shell Vacation rentals along with Captiva Island Inn are that and more.

Accommodations will make or break your vacation, the fishing is phenomenal, but fishing is fishing, weather is weather and unfortunately life happens. If you’re without a great fishing experience or beautiful weather, it’s great knowing your living quarters are inviting. We don’t need lavishness to enjoy our family time, but if we have the option, why not make it an awfully grand adventure? After all, we are on an island.

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