Master Your Fishing Electronics

Wish there was an easier way to learn how to use your fancy fishfinder? Well, if you’re using a Humminbird Side Imaging unit, look no further.

These two DVDs cover everything from the basics to the untapped, advanced features of Side Imaging units. Like how to recognize and analyze structure and cover, including weed identification, thermoclines, structure edges and transitions, etc. Not to mention real, on-the-water demonstrations that show what fish look like on the screen, validated with actual catches. Cool.

The product of professional educator and angler Dr. Jason Halfen, aka The Technological Angler,” the DVD not only offers a wealth of information on Side Imaging, but includes solid tips for running 2D sonar, GPS mapping, Down Imaging and 360 Imaging, too.

So what if you’re not running a Humminbird? Truth is, a lot of same principles apply to all of today’s fancy fishing electronics. Maybe not the same menus and exactly the same features, but most of the same principles come into play no matter whose brand you use.

Likewise, even if you don’t purchase or download the DVDs, Halfen also offers a ton of solid fishing information on his web site. From how to find crappies with Side Imaging and Dual Beam sonar to deciphering bottom transitions with Side Imaging, there’s plenty of free knowledge to be had.

Personally, we like the fast-track method. We picked up as much in his DVDs as we did in years of trial and error.

Wish you still had a little more help on the water? Check out these handy reference cards, too!

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