Flip Up Big Bass

Rig right for punching heavy cover and you’ll haul out more big bass because of it.

Sometime big bass will bury themselves in super dense cover that seems impenetrable. This is when you need to use the right gear, find for the right cover and prepare to do battle with some big bass.

Primarily, I’ll be looking for bass in this heavy cover that are putting themselves in prime ambush positions to look for an easy meal.

When I’m flipping a Texas-rig around heavy cover, I rely on a very strong, sharp and dependable Lazer TroKar TK130 Flippin hook. This hook is super sharp, so you’ll stick a bass with ease and the TroKar hook keeper near the eye, which keeps the plastic in place as it drops through the cover.

Keeping the bait as low profile as possible will help prevent hang-ups. A tungsten weight allows me to use more weight with a smaller profile, and keep a better feel for the bottom type. I’ll use an Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Tungsten weight that ranges between .5- and 1.5 ounces depending on how thick the cover is


When it comes to bait selection, keeping it low profile again is key. So using craws or creature baits with the fewest number of appendages is the best bet. I prefer a Zoom Z-Hog. I like to keep color selection simple and use black/blue, green pumpkin and some form of a watermelon with colored flake in it.

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