New Yamaha Motors For 2015

Yamaha Outboards introduces a new batch of motors that will quickly propel your boat into the New Year.

During the 2015 Minneapolis Boat Show, Yamaha unveiled a line of new motors that are sure to impress. They introduced 6 new motors covering a variety of applications, making the new-outboard selection process much easier.

If you have a small fishing boat needing a light-weight tiller, or all the way up to a full-size multi-species boat, Yamaha has the motor to suit your needs. Here’s a brief rundown on what was on display at the show. But, if you want more information, visit Yamaha Outboards.


A portable, tiller-driven 4-Stroke that weighs 88 pounds with a 15-inch shaft, or 90 pounds with a 20-inch shaft. This 8hp outboard could work on a small fishing boat, or as a kicker on a large multi-species rig.

Visit Yamaha Outboards to learn more about the Yamaha F8.


With improved reliability, convenience and appearance, the new Yamaha F150 comes standard with a redesigned compact cowling and new graphics to harmonize their appearance with the rest of the Yamaha line-up.

A microcomputer ignition system and precision multi-point electronic fuel injection simultaneously maintain optimum engine performance, fuel economy and power. This proven design has amassed many thousands of hours of trouble-free use, including one pair documented with more than 8,700 hours.

Visit Yamaha Outboards to learn more about the Yamaha F150.


At the Minneapolis Boat Show, Yamaha Marine Group introduced V MAX SHO for smaller craft, the V MAX SHO 115, an outboard that will bring all the attributes of the V MAX SHO to a much larger group of boaters and anglers.

“The 115 is compact, light weight and capable of performance typically associated with two strokes, but with the convenience, fuel efficiency and quiet operation of a four stroke,” says Ben Speciale, President, Yamaha Marine Group. “Now owners of smaller boats can enjoy the benefits of the V MAX SHO family.”

Visit Yamaha Outboards to learn more about the V MAX SHO 115.

V MAX SHO 150 & 175

V MAX SHO performance just got leaner and meaner. Meet the exciting new 2.8L I-4 V MAX SHO 175, 150 and 25-inch-shaft 150. Their streamlined designs conceal a next-gen tech package with a 16-valve double-overhead cam, variable camshaft timing and electronic fuel injection.

In other words, they deliver the exhilarating hole shot and top speed of a two stroke with the efficient advantages of a four stroke. At just 480 pounds, they’re ideal for smaller bass boats, flats boats and other performance hulls.

Visit the Yamaha Outboards to learn more about the Yamaha V MAX SHO 150 & 175.


The V MAX SHO has a 4.2L big-bore design that shoots out of the hole up to 13 percent faster than other two strokes. Its variable camshaft timing increases throttle response in the low and midranges, resulting in unbelievable acceleration, top-end and midrange punch.

Micro-textured cylinder walls and a new intake system greatly improve fuel economy. In fact the V MAX SHO will produce up to 12 percent better fuel economy than competitive two strokes, and is C.A.R.B. 3-Star Rated for Ultra Low Emissions. You can’t loose!

Visit the link to learn more about the Yamaha V MAX SHO 250.

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