If You Go Through The Ice

Sometimes prevention is the best medicine, but it takes preparation and sometimes investment!

It’s fun to talk about the hot lure or new “magical”presentation. The fact is that during the winter months, driving a snowmobile, ATV or UTV can be a dangerous piece of equipment on the ice.

The Neblulus unit is a great piece of equipment to give both yourself and family a piece of mind if you ever were to break through the ice with your rig. When the handle is pulled, much like a parachute, the Nebulus unit inflates. This will keep your machine afloat and provides you a platform to keep yourself out of the water until help arrives.

While not glamourous or fun to talk about, this is the piece of equipment makes sure you are around for another birthday.

At a reduced price the Neblus unit is something that all winter outdoorsman should consider.

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Capt. Ross Robertson

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