Super Bowl Worthy Fishing Ads

Small dogs, giant horses, former athletes and gorgeous women are the centerpieces of this year’s crop of Super Bowl commercials. Certainly, the spots are creative, funny—and memorable. But these fishing ads are better!

Once again the commercials that will air during TV timeouts will be among the most entertaining you’ll see all year. But you gotta hand it to the advertising slicks who hawk fishing gear, too. I contend that these masterpieces rival anything that will air on Sunday.

You Are Not Going Fishing Today!
In this classic, the illustrious Ugly Stik gets the last laugh. It just doesn’t get old.

Ever Bumped A Stump?
It’s pretty obvious these guys grew up on the crick, then spent prom night casting a black topwater under a full moon.

Dang, He Got Away!
Rapala’s television commercials make you wonder what goes on at their ad agency. There are many from which to choose, but this one tops my list.

She Was A Fighter
Apparently no one is safe when fish decide to fight back.

Take Me Fishing
If this one isn’t on your all-time “greats” list, you might not be human!

Sunday Preview
Okay, here’s a taste of the real things. You decide.

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