How To Beat Cold Feet

Nothing cuts an outdoor activity short quicker than cold feet. Here’s the solution!

Spend hours drifting winter steelies, crouched in a duck blind, or dunking minnows through a hole in the ice, sooner or later you’ll wish you had warmer boots.

The solution? These remote-controlled bad boys.

Simply slide the rechargeable ThermaCELL insoles into your favorite fishing or hunting boots—even waders—and go. Just don’t forget the nifty remote control, which lets you adjust heat wirelessly on the fly … from toasty and toe tingling to full-on defrost!

Although I still use the first-generation product, I see ThermaCELL has a new product called ProFLEX with a couple key product improvements. First, you no longer have to remove your insoles and plug into a wall socket to extend warmth beyond the 5 hours runtime. Simply replace the batteries. Of course, you still have to take off your boots … But, for those of us who fish on the ice all day, this is significant. That means we can keep the heat cranked, rather than turning on and off throughout the day to preserve the charge.

ProFLEX also allows quick charging (4 hours or less) via portable chargers with USB, so you can charge the batteries in the field or off-the-grid locations.

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