4 Top Cold-Weather Fishing Gloves

Cold-weather fishing is made a lot easier with the right gear. Want to stay comfortable on the water or ice? Make sure to keep your head, hands and feet warm.

Here are three styles of gloves I’ve found that keep my hands warm, yet allow some degree of fishability (in no particular order).


Cabela’s Glomitts

Windproof and water-resistant, these gloves fit a number of fishing situations thanks to their fingerless design. Need to tie a knot or tweak a bait, maybe run a bare finger on your line for greater sensitivity? No problem, simply fold the mitt back and go to work. Then, when you need to warm your fingers back up, unfasten the mitt and cover your claws! Perfect for everything from fishing jerkbaits in winter to hunting chromers on the stream. Want something similar for ice fishing? Try these, built heavier and with room for a hand warmer packet!


Glacier Gloves - Bristol Bay

I’ve tried lots of neoprene gloves over the years and found that sweat build up can lead to cold digits. Not these. Lined with 2mm of fleece, the inside stays warm even when the glove outers are exposed to cold water. Other features include thumb and index finger slits for improved dexterity and a covering called Touchrite to maintain a solid grip with rod, reel and fish. One caveat: Watch your line around the Velcro, especially fine tippet material.


Simms - Wool Fingerless Gloves

They’re inexpensive, provide tons of dexterity and keep you warm, even when wet—one of the wonders of wool anything. Sure, you could use any wool cut-off gloves—but these are thin, warm and feature gripped palms. They work great for winter bass fishing throughout the country and when we get the chance to fish on the ice, I simply slide my fingertips into an old-fashioned pair of choppers to warm up from time to time.


Frabill – FXE Snosuit Gauntlet Gloves

Simply, these gloves were built for the most extreme ice fishing conditions on the planet. Features a waterproof, windproof, yet still breathable SnoShell membrane, goatskin leather palm, and a total of 450 grams of SnoCore insulation. For the past couple of years, these bad boys have become my my go-to gloves for running the ATV or snow machine in nasty weather. I’ve also discovered they make great snowboarding gloves, thanks to an elastic wristband with adjustable strap and sleeve cuff with bungee cordlock to keep out snow. But my favorite feature – besides the warm and bulletproof design – a special material on the thumb intended for wiping your nose … seriously.

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