When Is Braid Best?

Braided line is the best option for some presentations, but not always. Here are some guild lines on when to use it.

Your fishing line connects you and your next fishing memory—or trophy—don’t go cheap! Using the correct fishing line will improve bait performance, ensure solid hook sets, detecting bites and lastly landing the fish.

For a many years, braid was the only kind of line many anglers would use; they loved the idea that 8-pount test would have only 2-pound diameter. But, above that there is no stretch and it is extremely abrasion resistant.

I use braided line for several key presentations and all of them have one thing in common: Vegetation. When fishing around weeds, braided line will actually cut through the greenery as you are bringing a fish to the boat, thus decreasing the chance of it getting hung up.

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