The Spinnerbait Advantage

Advantage Bait Company just may bring back the love you once had for the almighty spinnerbait.

Trends and craze have driven many anglers to substitute swim jigs, swimbaits, and bladed jigs for spinnerbaits as their “search baits” of choice in recent years.

Not so with Derek Yamamoto who plies the clear waters of the West with the Advantage Spinnerbait. He has his reasons, too!

“Covering water is the key to fishing our big waters,” says Yamamoto, Advantage Bait pro staff, whose home water is Nevada’s Lake Mead. “I always say that I like to fish a spinnerbait as slow as possible, as fast as I can!”

Finding fish on a large clear impoundment with sparse and scattered cover calls for long casts, reeling fast … then sloooowing the spinnerbait down near brush, trees or grass patches where a bass is likely to sit in ambush. He likes the fact that components and design attributes of the Advantage spinnerbait give him an edge throughout his retrieve.

It all starts with flash.

Jason Schwartz, company owner and creator of the Advantage Spinnerbait, built his bait concept around uniquely etched willow and Colorado blades—available in gold, silver, copper, chartreuse and pearl white—that throw flash in multiple directions. “We etch both sides of the blades to create peaks and valleys,” he explains. “Most blades have single hot spots. But when the sun hits our blades, it disperses light across the whole blade surface.”

Yamamoto claims that Schwartz’s patent-pending Extreme Flash Technology (EFT) draws a bass’s attention from noticeably greater distances, expanding the effective strike zone of an aggressive or feeding fish. The head design keeps the bait stable and running true at virtually any speed—even when “burning” the bait!

The sleeve on the spinner shaft creates the requisite blade separation to keep spinners revolving at slow retrieves. That’s equally important to Yamamoto.

“When the bait nears cover, I will slow it down and let the spinnerbait sink a little bit to let it work in the strike zone of the fish lying in ambush,” he says.

The head and unique hubbed skirt designs—available in seven handsome match-the-hatch color patterns to mimic shad, bluegill and other common forage species—add a breathing, pulsating action.

Advantage spinnerbaits are available in 1/4-, 3/8-, 1/2- and 3/4-ounce sizes, multiple blade combinations, and seven patterns: Ultimate Shiner, Blue Ice Shad, White Shad, Gizzard Shad, Threadfin Shad, Bluegill and Chartreuse & White Shad. See the Advantage Bait Company website, or call (847) 848-1314.

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