Squarebill On Steroids

Strike King’s new KVD 8.0 subscribes to the big bait-big fish theory like no other squarebill.

You’ve heard it before—many times: “Big baits equal big bites.” With its introduction of the 1½-ounce, 4½-inch KVD 8.0 squarebill crank, you can bet that Strike King banks on it.

Much like its squarebill brethren, the KVD 1.5 and 2.5, the new 8.0, available in 10 bass-attracting color patterns, has the erratic, “hunting” action that made them famous. It’s also designed with no rattles for the silent approach that maximizes its ability to take advantage of the reactionary nature of a bass.

“The nature of today’s tournament atmosphere has changed,” says four-time Bassmaster Classic Champion, Kevin VanDam. “Gone are the days of catching a limit to survive. Survival, much less success, in today’s tournaments require catching five big bass every single day. That need led us to design the all-new KVD 8.0. It’s a large-profile bait designed to mimic the bigger sized forage of giant bass. However, don’t think for a minute that a 3 pounder won’t eat it too.”

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