Manley Rods: Adjust-A-Butt

Not to be a skeptic, but as a rod builder and a rod geek, any new rod or rod-building component is worth every opportunity I can hand it.

Recently, I came across the term ‘Adjust-A-Butt’ and kept hearing it throughout the fishing community. I wasn’t thinking much of it, until I learned what it was. Manley Rods has a very unique telescoping handle ‘MRF’ system, which allows fisherman an on-the-spot adjustment option between casts or lure selection.

As a kayak fisherman this is a major game changer. I may go from a sitting position where I don’t want a longer rod butt, to standing up needing a little more leverage when bombing a trap, or even something a bit shorter to underhand a few short casts beneath overhanging cover.

I also see this system as something that would be great for children who are becoming serious fishermen. This allows someone who is smaller the opportunity to fish with a quality stick that can still be adequately used as an adult. Or, if they’re learning different techniques, this will give the parent a need to buy one quality rod vs. a handful of inexpensive rods.

It’s an outstanding simple system, that’s lightweight and genius.

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