Powering Through The Shallows

Catching fish consistently requires stealthy mobility, a tool to every successful angler’s game plan.

Putting yourself in the right position with your bow-mount trolling motor can mean the difference between getting the right bite, or not getting bit at all. Being able to move quickly, quietly and efficiently falls onto the shoulders of an angler’s trolling motor.

A quality bow-mount trolling motor allows anglers to move their boat in the shallows with their foot, while keeping both of their hands free to make precise casts and flips to a potential target where a big bass could be lurking.

Minn Kota took their already popular 101-pound thrust Fortrex and added an additional 11 pounds of power to it! The 112-pound thrust Fortrex is one of the most powerful bow-mount trolling motors on the market, meaning a die-hard bass angler can chop through any vegetation, run their boat in heavy current, all while still having the ability to prowl the shallows in a stealth like manner!

If you are a big water fisherman, the unit is available in a longer shaft, meaning that you can keep your trolling motor in the water and not have it coming out when the big waves are rolling.

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