Strike Master Lazer Synthetic Hand Auger

A hand auger in the day and age of electric- and gas-driven ice drills hardly seems like a good idea. But, try one and you’ll be a believer!

You’d almost think hand augers were a thing of the past, like cassette tapes, displaced by their muscular gas- and electric-powered counterparts. Seldom do you see hand drills pictured in magazine or hear their virtues touted.

The fact is, though, that hand augers remain the workhorses of huge numbers of ice anglers, especially in areas where the hard-water season isn’t ultra long and where holes aren’t through two feet of ice.

The most obvious advantage of a hand auger is cost savings. If you only get a modest number of opportunities to fish through the ice each winter, it might be hard to justify spending several hundred dollars for easier holes. As important for many situations, though, are the smaller profile and lighter weight.

If you access the ice on foot and favor a mobile approach, there’s much to be said for lightening the load, and that’s where the Strike Master Lazer Synthetic shines. Weighing in at only 4.5 pounds for the 4-inch version or 5 pounds for the 6-incher, it’s effortless to tote all over the ice.

I used one in search mode on a recent trout outing and was astounded by its light weight and by how easily it was able to punch a bunch of hole through about a foot of ice.

The Lazer Synthetic features Mora stainless alloy blades, comfortable cushioned handles and an adjustable length (48 to 57 inches). It also breaks down into two pieces for handier transportation and offseason storage.

Check out the video to see a Strike Master Lazer Synthetic in action:

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