Flasher Fix For Easier Ice Fishing

Here's a very simple solution to a very common inconvenience when ice fishing. Problem solved!

We seem to live in a world where instead of trimming toenails we cut off the whole foot—sometimes a very simple solution might be right in front of your face.

I’ve written for North American Fisherman before about how important electronics are for ice fishing. The ability to know where you lures are, when fish show up and most importantly how they are reacting to your presentations is widely known.

A common problem occurs with lake currents, or when using your sonar to look at lures in two separate holes—you can’t see one or both of the lures on the graph. On Lake Erie we often have to drill a separate hole several feet away from the one our lure is in just to see the lure at all.

Most times, however, you just have to position the transducer to one side of the hole. A simple trick I do with both my Humminbird LCD GPS and sonar or the Humminbird Ice 55 flasher is to use the foam float on the holes edge to hold it in place. A little slush or snow holds it in place and also does a good job at keeping your line from getting caught in the transducer cable.

Sometimes a simple solution is all you need to make your life a lot easier, I know this one does for me when I’m on the ice.

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Capt. Ross Robertson

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