Alternative Aqua-Vu Applications

There's nothing wrong with a vivid imagination (trust me I have one) and sound deductive reasoning (I might fall a little short here), but seeing is believing.

Why guess if there are walleyes tucked into the crevices of an underwater rockpile? Why wonder what species of fish you are marking on your sonar unit? Why give up on fish that aren't responding to your usual presentation?

An Aqua-Vu underwater camera will make you a better and more efficient angler, and if you're like me every little bit helps!

It's a great tool for ice angling that helps me understand the mood of the fish I'm pursuing and figure out what they will react to. Whether it's open water or hard water, sometimes it helps me decide where to fish based on the quality and quantity of fish that are present. And on a flooded reservoir like Devil's Lake, it might give me valuable clues about what type of structure is beneath my boat or under the ice ... like the foundation or basement of a submerged home.

Now think about all the other ways you might use your Aqua-Vu.

Got a cooler filled with chubs or minnows outside your hotel, cabin, camper or tent? With an Aqua-Vu Multi-Vu Complete Camera System, you can actually check your bait on an television or LCD screen up to 100 feet away.

Taking a youngster fishing? "Fish TV" by Aqua-Vu will keep them entertained and even fascinated for hours which, in turn, extends your day, too.

How about a little redneck treasure hunting? Check out the scour hole at the end of a boat ramp sometime with your underwater camera. You are likely to find everything from transom savers and sunglasses to cellphones and jewelry.

Ever dropped a valuable item through the hole while ice fishing? Ever had your car keys, a box of tackle, a rod or a pair of expensive sunglasses go overboard during the open-water season? An Aqua-Vu can save the day, as it did for me not too long ago when one of my favorite St. Croix/Abu Garcia rod and reel combos went through my ice-fishing hole. We were able to locate it with the camera and jig it up with another rod and reel.

Off the water, I'm finding new uses for my camera every day.

It's great for checking my well, looking in culverts when trapping and examining my chimney without getting covered in soot. It's even come in handy for looking inside a wall to check for squirrels, raccoons or other varmints before boarding up a hole!

I have no doubt it would be highly entertaining just to sit around with a group of Aqua-Vu owners and swap stories about the creative uses they've found for their cameras.

Play around with an underwater camera soon. You'll "see" what I mean.

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