CastAway Conquers With Invicta Series

Sometimes you can trust first impressions, Looks are certainly not everything, but they help!

From its emerald green 40-ton carbon fiber blank to advanced polymer split grips and blank-exposed reel seat, the CastAway Invicta Mag Heavy (INV-7H) rod looks every bit as fresh as it feels.

But, make no mistake, “feel” is really what the Invicta series is all about.

CastAway’s 40-ton carbon fibers and new carbon-intruded resin system deliver exceptional strength and sensitivity. But the most pronounced begin right at the handle.

The split grips are made from an advanced polymer—called WinnDry—from Winn Inc., best known for its super-premium golf grips. The grip sticks comfortably to your hand in snow and rain and in extreme cold, heat and humidity.

The Mag Heavy was my initial introduction to the Invicta line. It is a seven-foot stick—heavy power, moderate action—rated for 12- to 20-pound line and 1/4- to one-ounce lures. It is a prime tool for jigging presentations, particularly when you add braided lines to the equation. I fell in love with its feel and performance the first time out.

The Mag Heavy model has sufficient backbone to set hooks and hoist big fish from tough places. Its moderate action enables long casts and effective delivery of a wider range of baits than most rods with similar designation, including swimbaits and swim jigs.

When I met up with Bassmaster Elite Series pro Russ Lane on Lake Eufaula on the Alabama-Georgia border last October, he gushed with superlatives about the Invicta Flipping model he had resting on his boat deck and the other Invicta rods he had added to his arsenal. “These are absolutely top shelf rods,” said Lane, who has a reputation for discerning the fine points of tackle performance.

Also enhancing feel is the ALPS TexTouch graphite reel seat. Its skeletal trigger casting design sports three openings that expose the blank to the finger’s touch and also reduce the rod’s weight. The reel seat design allows the palm of the hand to enjoy the comfort and added ergonomic benefit of the Winn polymer.

Another premium feature—as handsome as it is functional—is the double locking hood of the reel seat. It keeps the reel tight and secure.

The high-tech features continue up the blank with the ALPS Bronze SS316 Stainless Guides, designed to withstand the punishment of today’s superlines but deliver much more.

“You can actually feel the line speed up as it passes through the guides,” noted Lane.

Other baitcasting models in the CastAway Invicta line include: Top Water; Heavy Worm; Spinnerbaait; Mag Medium Heavy, Flipping and Grass Master Braid. Extending the line is a Drop Shot Special spinning rod, a light Saltwater Spin and six saltwater casting models. Learn more about CastAway rods.

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