Dragging Bottom For Bass

The Carolina-rig is great for slowing picking apart structure or covering water in search of active fish.

A Carolina-rig is a great technique used to target deep-water, fish-holding structure. The “C-Rig”, as it is commonly referred to, is also a great way to determine the bottom content and what kind structure might be available on the bottom of the lake, which is why tossing a Carolina rig, is a great way to dredge the depths of any body of water.

Some of the offshore structure where a C-Rig shines includes underwater humps, wood, points and breaks. Over the past several seasons I have played around with this technique and keep it rigged up on my boat day in and day out—it is a key tool in my arsenal.

By adapting the components that make up a Carolina-rig, an angler can use this technique in situations on their local body of water, whether it is a deep lake or a shallow river. Another benefit to using a C-Rig is it can be great for covering water looking for active fish.

To fish a Carolina-rig you cast it out and drag it across the bottom. But there are several things that I have learned to alter the retrieve. I pull the rig along bottom by sweeping the rod in a sideways motion. This keeps the sinker in constant contact with the bottom and it will stir up the sand or mud, which resembles a crawfish or shad fleeing from a predator and attract the bass to your lure.

To learn more about the versatile and effective Carolina-Rig along with the tackle components that make it up, check out this video:

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