Building A Fishing Trailer: Part 11

Accessorizing your fishing trailer to your specific needs is really the most fun part of this project.


While sitting at the dentist office I came across an ad in a snowmobile magazine for PIT Products. They make all things aluminum with a trailer and outdoor focus. Realizing they were only about an hour from me I took a drive and quickly realized I needed even a few more things after looking at their website.

Priced reasonably, I knew they had several things to really finish the trailer and to keep things off the floor, dry and organized.

The small tray allows me to keep dry gas, stabilizer, silicone spray and my measuring cup all in one place and from spilling all over.

I also got two of the larger bins and mounted them next to each other. So far this has been great for holding propane bottles, jugs of oil, gloves and serve as a catch-all.

My trailer package came with a cabinet and I’m glad it did since I doubt I would have paid for it afterwards. Having used it I don’t know how I would have been without it. I use it to store my helmets and placed shoebox sized plastic boxes to carry all of the small parts and pieces I want to have when on the road.

Two things that I also carry are a broom and a shovel, while I think they need no explanation buddies always ask why. The broom is great for getting snow, ice and even dirt out and I have used the shovel more than once to dig out truck or trailer tires. The holders are nice because they keep them out of the way and from scratching up your gear.

I also repurposed a set of Ranger boat rails that I removed in order to put Bert’s Tracks on my boat. These worked perfect to hold ratchet straps bungees and other ropes I carry. This keeps them from getting tangled on themselves or in the snowmobile track.

Last but not least I used a Clam cargo net intended for an ice shanty and mounted it from the cabinet to the ceiling to get some additional storage space. This keeps whatever’s up there from sliding around going down the road. A couple pieces of angle iron on the end and things have stayed in place even with a few last second stops.

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