A web of control to control your madness—admit it, we’re all tackle junkies.

I have a high appreciation for the simple little things in life that help cause strong productivity on the water. As a fisherman—or outdoorsman period—we’re naturally gear junkies.

With high quality mesh, bungee and Velcro, the simplicity of a TackleWeb was formed. You’ll find many different styles to fit your needs—TackleWebs will keep your tackle and fishing accessories organized and easy to access.

It’s easily removable and never permanen. By using the bungee system or Velcro, you’re able to apply it tightly to a console, leaning post, cooler, kayak seat and/or any other location you see fitted without altering or damaging the boat.

I have my webs fixed to my 2015 Hobie Outback Vantage seat and I also applied a Velcro web to the inside of my front hatch. The front hatch web was designed with a different location in mind, but with many options available, there really isn’t anywhere these things can’t go.


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