Cabela’s Youth Guidewear

Youth outer wear for all seasons—this stuff will keep your kids on the water longer.

Over the past few months I’ve had the opportunity to test a new product from our friends at Cabela’s. Raingear that is comfortable and actually keeps you dry is a commodity that isn’t easily located—I know, for years I always scraped by with cheap ponchos and paper-thin top-and-bottom combos that did everything but keep me dry.

This was until I was introduced to Cablea’s Guidewear. The stuff just flat works.

I’ve also been getting my young family out fishing more than ever, and I won’t force them to stay out in miserable conditions—it has to be about them. And, when they say they are done, we go home. But, we all know that the nasty weather can bring stellar bites.

With the new Cabela’s Youth Rainwear, we stay out longer during wetter conditions, and even when things begin to cool down, the parka and bibs provide adequate warmth as well. I’d highly recommend getting the children in your life hooked up with a set of this stuff. It’s awesome!

I’ve found another use, though. I have a 5 and 7 year old and they both love to fish. Sure, they both have standard little-kid snow pants and jackets. We spend a ton of time on the ice each winter, and we’ve always struggled to keep them out there due to wet and cold clothing. Not anymore! I have them put on their regularly outer layers, then we finish the ensemble with the Cabela’s Youth Guidewear as an outer layer.

It might add some additional warmth and insulation, but the real benefit is it keeps them dry. Kids spend a lot of time sliding on the ice and kneeling over 8-inch holes waiting for a fish to bite. With this gear, they don’t get wet and literally last all day. Staying warm wasn’t an issue until they got wet.

Problem solved!



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