Monster Minnesota Crappie

Ice angler Mark Koehnen pulled a 3-pound-plus crappie from a West Metro Lake.

Giant crappies may not turn many heads when they come from places like the slab factories in Mississippi or Tennessee. But anything more than a couple of pounds caught in a northern state, especially from a fairly heavily fished lake, definitely draws attention.

In Towne Marina in Waconia, Minnesota, reports that the fish caught by angler Mark Koehnen on Feb. 13 measured 19 inches and weighed 3¼ pounds.

Lake Waconia is a popular fishing destination, just a half-hour west of the Minneapolis metro complex—and North American Fisherman Headquarters. It’s also about 12 minutes from my house. Along with crappies it holds bass, muskies and walleyes that are regularly pursued by local anglers. Having fished the lake countless times myself, I’ve seen some very nice crappies caught there, but none that ever came close to this substantial size. You can see how it compares to a typical fish in the photo below.

According to the Minnesota Sporting Journal , it’s unclear whether Koehnen’s monster fish is a white crappie, black crappie or a hybrid.

Any way it goes, however, this fish falls short of the current state records; a 5-pound black crappie caught in 1940 and a 3-pound, 15-ounce fish caught in 2002. Nonetheless, it’s a real trophy. Congratulations, Mr. Koehnen.

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