The Right House

Staying comfortable on the ice is easier than you might think.

Ice is cold. Nothing new there. The wind that blows the snow around on top of the ice is colder yet. But, the worst that Mother Nature can throw at you shouldn’t keep you butt on the couch in front of your TV wishing you were fishing. GO!

Frabill has been innovating fishing on many levels, the least of these is not ice fishing. They have suits, safety gear and houses that will keep you fishing longer. Who’s going to complain about that? Not this guy.

In recent years they’ve added quilted—or thermal—skins to the shelters, which has proven to maintain heat like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve been wearing jeans and a hoody inside while it’s -10 outside, and I’ve been comfortable. I’ve been using a few models for a couple of years now and I’d like to tell you about two of my favorites.

The Frabill Ambush is pure awesome sauce. Not only does it keep you warm, it’s comfortable to fish out of, the Side-Step access doors are great, but it looks totally badass with the Fishouflage pattern!

The Ambush has a fishable area of 65 inches by 59 inches, and comes complete with 2 deluxe padded seats and weighs 115 pounds making it an easy drag. If I’m going to fishing with a buddy, or only one of my kids, it’s a perfect shelter for two. I love it.

The other shelter I’ve been using with my family a bunch this year is the double-hub Headquarters. The Frabill Headquarters Hub Shelter will fish 4-6 anglers comfortably and makes a great basecamp on the ice for those who prefer the run-and-gun method.

This shelter comes pre-assembled and ready to set up. The quick-set frame is much like that of a standard hunting blind. It takes two to set it up quickly, but an experienced hub-shelter angler could manage it alone. It comes with 140 inches by 70 inches of fishable area and is 80 inches high. When packed up and stowed in the included carrying case, the shelter weighs 40 pounds. Easy!

This thing has been the reason my kids love to ice fish. They can have their own hole away from each other—which can be a good thing from time to time—and their mother and I can have our own spots as well. All of us catch fish comfortably. This thing just works!

If you have kids just getting into the ice-fihshing game, or if you like to go out with a few fishing buddies, this shelter is the ticket.


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