The Ultimate Storage System

I’d be lying if I said these things didn’t change my capacity to organize my fishing life. You’ll want to buy about 6 of these things.

Maybe I’m aging and finding satisfaction in weird things, such as better ways to organize my fishing and hunting gear. I can’t handle a messy garage, but for some reason it takes me a week to put my folded laundry away—it literally sits in piles next to my bed. I have a very patient wife.

Recently, fellow NAF contributor, Jim Edlund turned me onto a sale at a local hardware store. They were selling 56-quart Plano Trunks for an easily affordable $13 dollars. I bought 3 knowing I was in need of some elevated form of ice-fishing gear storage—also Jim’s idea—and I haven’t been this excited about anything lately. Literally changed my life. (I’ve since bought a few more for other purposes around the house, such as winter hats and gloves.

Whether you’ve got ice-fishing electronics that just don’t stack very well, or any assorted, but highly necessary gear items that don’t seem to find a home, these totes will make that possible. Modular packing when in the truck will allow for more room, and more gear—without the risk of it shifting and falling to the ground when you open the tailgate.

The design is durable and convenient, and the boxes easily fit on other garage racks to keep them out of the way when not in use. The design also allows for non-shift stacking. In other words, the top to each trunk conveniently locks into the bottom of the same tote. It’s so simple, yet so effective. I think I’m in love.

I’ve also purchased two of the larger trunks—1819 XXL Sportsman’s Trunk—which are very handy for other necessary, but larger gear items. The larger size is a nice compliment to the 56-quart version.

So, when I hit the ice, I like to grill ‘dogs and burgers, three of these trunks securely stacked up on one another makes for a nice grill stand. The options are limitless—use your imagination and I’m confident you’ll find a use for these things.

We could all use a little more organization in our lives.


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