2 Easy Jig Upgrades

Upgrade to two easy to use jigs and catch more fish!

It was just nasty when I got into guide Barry Morrow’s boat that day on Oklahoma’s Lake Eufaula. Cold. Rainy. Windy. Miserable. But we caught crappies—big ones.

The crappie ace often fishes straight up-and-down, using his bow mount to slowly push jigs, and occasionally imparting quick vertical twitches. But he doesn’t use the rodtip—rather he holds a length of line between the reel and stripper guide between the fingers of his reel hand. Every so often, he plucks this line like a guitar string. The sudden jump this causes in the jig’s forward movement often triggers strikes from following crappies.

To make this presentation work even better, he makes two subtle alterations to his jigs:

1. Stack Plastic
When fishing the Lindy Fuzz-E Grub, Morrow “nose” hooks a second smaller Fuzz-E Grub body onto the jig. The added bulk moves more water and makes the bait stand out better. It also adds a second color profile to the mix, which can increase the odds of getting bit.

2. Increase Contrast
When fishing a two-color hair or marabou jig, he snips off a length of one of the colors cleanly. This creates a stark edge between the two hues, increasing contrast and making the jig’s movements more visible.

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