And They’re Off

The first day of the 2015 Bassmaster Classic is underway and the best in the world go head-to-head for a $300,000 purse.

At a balmy 12 degrees, it was actually a bit warmer than initially expected, and with less wind than the past two days, it was kind of a pleasant brisk. Temperatures are expected to surpass 34 degrees, which again is warmer than expected earlier in the week. The high bluebird skies might slow the bite, but these guys will find the fish.

Blast off was originally scheduled for 7 AM, but due to the "extreme cold" and the risk of a frozen and very slippery boat ramp, they bumped official start time back until 8:30. They didn't even hit that mark as boats were frozen to trailers making launching difficult. Around 9 AM the last boat left the marina. Weigh-in time is the same, so a couple hours of fishing time was lost. It may impact a few of the anglers, but most will adapt just fine.

By the time this is published, numerous anglers were already culling their limits, a few of which were pushing 12 pounds.

The weigh-in will take place this afternoon 3:15 PM ET. Watch for another update this evening!

Here are a few photos that highlight the morning.

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