Kayak Bass Series

A new kayak bass tournament series is making a splash! The author shares her experience in a recent event.

“Extreme” seems to be the descriptive word kayak fisherman desire most. We all want to take things to the next level, but what is the next level of kayak fishing? Some say it’s having a tournament, with higher payouts, more competition, lights and jazz.

This isn’t a sport for the weak or faint of heart, which is why we’re thirsty for something stronger. The Kayak Bass Series was inspired by kayak fishermen for kayak fishermen.

Due to Robert Field’s thirst, he has joined forces to provide that something stronger. As of January 2015, the KBS held their first event in Astor, Florida. “We finally have a kayak series that’s visiting six different states for six different events.”

With 56 anglers traveling from as far as Texas and West Virginia, I knew this wasn’t a tournament to take lightly.

The KBS will consist of a qualifying championship, point standings for the AOY race, and the chance to fish something a little more serious.

Knowing that behind the scenes president tournament director Terry Manley and Robert Field, both tournament anglers, I knew this event was to be taken seriously, and a vehicle to help me reach the next level in my career as a professional angler. It’s only the inaugural year and as the event grows with your involvement—or possibly even constructive criticism—we can make this ‘the’ series to fish as a competitive kayak fisherman.

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