Insight On Fluoro

The when, where and how to use fluorocarbon fishing line. While it’s scientific in itself, it’s not a scientific method.

One of the most popular types of fishing lines on the market today is Fluorocarbon. When I’m using techniques that require solid hook sets and high abrasion resistance, this includes flipping around docks, wood or rocks I’ll prefer to use 20-pound test. When dragging a Carolina-rig or football head, I like 15-pound Fluoro.

Unlike my choice of using monofilament for shallow crankbaits, I like Fluoro when I’m pulling deep-diving cranks. This is because the line sinks and I’m able to achieve greater running depths with my crankbaits.

When employing finesse techniques on spinning gear, such as a drop-shot or fishing a shaky-head jig, I’ll spool up with 8- to 10-pound Seaguar TATSU Fluorocarbon. I really like to use fluorocarbon under finesse-fishing situations; it’s difficult to see and makes a subtle presentation seem more realistic.

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